Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet the Crew!

So, I have received an email from Kathy with photos of the crew. David, our contractor is wearing the cowboy hat and from left to right is Thomas, Casey and John. We drive to the lake at least once a week and each time we see that there is a huge amount of progress. We like that David is integrally involved in every bit of this renovation. He is very concerned that everything is right and everyone is happy. His standards are high. I know that he had a rough time revealing to us that in order for the house to be supported properly, we needed more pilings. Yikes! After listening carefully to what he explained, we fully agreed. He knows his construction and this job, for sure. We are confident in what he is doing. That says a lot.
David is one of those guys who really knows a lot but is quiet about it. His work speaks for him. I've nicknamed him a "renovation therapist". He not only knows what is needed, but presents it in a manner that we can understand. No double speak here.
When you look at these photos, take a look at the inside of the garage. Demolition and construction are in full swing. Neatness counts! I wonder if they do closets, too!

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