Saturday, August 21, 2010

Swim til We drop!

Even though we were at the lake on Thurs. night, we couldn't stop ourselves from heading back to deliver more fixtures and tile for the house. Once the garage door raises, we are again stunned by the order and total neatness of the work area. That which has been removed and things to be installed are neatly arranged and stacked. I need to meet this crew and pursuade them to organize my life! The house itself has been treated with that same neatness. I can tell that someone has even vacuumed the popcorn ceiling mess. We simply ask ourselves who are these men who work diligently during the week and then quietly disappear without the usual chaos and mess that comes with renovation and construction? I see evidences of David's checking and fore thought as I look through the house.
We did battle with a few wasps. End score: Linda 14/ Wasps 0. That's a surprize that no one wants!
The great change is that the low beams in the ceiling are gone. It looks much more spacious and now the room seems like a blank canvas ready for the big change!
The real reason for the trip was to take in a long and leisurely swim. The lake is cool and the breezes plentiful. We floated and swam the afternoon away. We were the only people in the lake for most of the afternoon until a few young boys down towards the dam jumped in. I'll be sad to lose these summer swims.

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