Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two Guys from Livingston

I almost had to threaten them to get them to stop working and "pose" for a blog shot. From left to right: Robert and Steven. They are David's sons and have been on the job for a long time without a mention here. They are worth mentioning as they have some really fine qualities like excellent Southern manners, strong work ethics and good appetites when I cook. Besides that, I love to hear them bicker like brothers when they think no one is listening! We're glad to have them here.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life, Air Conditoning and Micah's New Babysitters!

It's been a while since I posted but things are still progressing with the construction of house #2 at the lake. It's sheetrock and texture time; not too exciting for a photo op. but is is happening.
Last weekend I planned to come up for an extra long weekend since Allen was working. When I got here, the house would not cool down. That's the kiss of death [on par with a car that won't run] for those in Texas. So, short story is that I packed everyone up and went home. I let Ms.Contractor, Kathy know via email and she called me right back at 8pm on Fri asking if they could send our air conditioning service guy out right then. She has his CELL NUMBER! Allen decided that it could wait until Tues. and they did come out, David double checked what they did and now....Let there be cool air!!!!!!!!! It is heavenly.
We really can't go down to the dock and relax without Micah. He'll just make us miserable from the deck above. So we take him and Danika down while we swim. This weekend, we have three ducks hanging around, close in. Micah is mesmerized. We were on floats yesterday and the ducks swam within 5 feet of us for an hour. Really awesome. We watched each other paddle around in the 90 degree water!
An added surprize was a new water connection by my rose garden. Thanks, David!!