Sunday, May 1, 2011

Onward and Upward

Construction is moving fast. David, John, Steven and Robert Ray have started the second house [aka the guest house] that used to be the RV building next to the garage. We had two reasons for jumping ahead with this now that the cottage is done. First, the cottage has only one bedroom, one bath and a pack of dogs. Second, the RV building is relatively new and very well built. Jeff Sumy, a neighbor, built it several years back. Little to nothing had to be done to the structure outside, so it made sense. Allen and David worked out a plan on a scrap of paper and we were off and running. David and Kathy gave up their Saturday to come out and work out last details of lighting and flooring. One thing to be said for an excellent contractor team is communication. Kathy answers emails day and night, David is always available by cell. No question lasts more than a moment. Nothing is a problem. Considering that we have been working together since August, that is something to be grateful for!