Friday, August 27, 2010

Granite Day

I'm glad that we made the appointment for a "slab viewing". This refers to granite. Somehow, it can sound weird, like shopping for barbeque ribs but that is how one picks out counter material. Craftmasters is tucked away in Houston and the parking lot is more crowded than Saks at Sale Daze. We couldn't have picked a hotter day and we quickly made it to the reception area. It's a friendly place where people seem happy to work despite the degrees. Our sales rep is Vanessa and I wondered if she would drop from exhaustion while I searched for the perfect colors and "movement" in the thousand or so pound slab. Let me tell you that Vanessa is a "no nonsense gal" who intuitively seems to read your palm and the granite's grain for compatibility. The first two sister slabs were perfect! Vanessa has it all together, for sure. So, we have slabs. Sound good? Her two co workers concurred it was a good choice so we are another step towards completion.

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