Sunday, September 5, 2010

Asa swims the Lake, Update on the House and the Fish Fry

Our friend Asa was a trout in a previous life. He
lives to swim and loves to come up to the lake.
Sometimes he swims to the dam and people on their docks will watch him glide effortlessly through the water.
Asa is encouraging Allen to dive off the dock. I'll stick to the sling chair that sits deep enough in the water to keep me cool.
Saturday was the Fish Fry supporting our local volunteer fire dept. The fish was quite tasty and we heard that one man catches all of the
fish for this fry. At lunch we met some neighbors who have three chihuahuas. Comforting thought that others besides us, Asa and his wife, Jackie have such packs!
The house is coming along just fine. As usual, there are evidences of David and crew's work everywhere. Electrical, plumbing and sheet rock are just about done. Kathy tells that the windows should be here this next week and the pilings will be on that list, too. David has advised that the pilings will help him to level the floor. It still is amazing that this amount of work has been done and the house is so cleaned up! We've renovated the beach house twice and never saw this neatness before. One of the nicest aspects of the house is that both french doors open wide to bring a great view inside! Allen and Asa are attesting to that!
This Saturday was one of those "perfect" days. Great friends, fried fish and great progress on the house!

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