Sunday, September 12, 2010

Asa is back in the Lake and Allen's cell phone defies Death!

We are lucky to squeeze yet one more day of long swimming on Saturday. Asa showed up and dove right in. Allen is diving and swimming out to the middle of the lake, also. Ok, so I am still in the water in that sling chair enjoying the warm sun and cool water. There is always a breeze on the lake and it is amazing that the climate is different only 40 minutes from the farm. We decided to eat lunch on the deck and I didn't notice Allen's cell phone when I reached for a sandwich. It became airborne and fell off the deck, landing hard on some flagstone. At that point, one would assume its death since it made a cracking noise but it is still alive! We thought about it a minute and then immediately went back in the lake!
Joe called and we are surely glad he is feeling better!

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