Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There's a hole in our dock!

Did I forget to tell you that we bought this cottage "as is"? Allen saw the potential and so, this is how we had to sign on to this saga. The dock had a huge hole in it. I can safely say it is about 30 years old, so it is no surprize. Enter our new best friends....D&K construction. Allen wanted a big entertaining type dock and that's exactly what we got. David built it within 2 weeks [ even though he was on another job] and did it all in the rain! We've already jumped off of it to swim in the clear cool water.

Our friends, Asa and Jackie came out last week and Asa [World Class swimmer] glided from one end of the lake to the other. Being on the lake is like having a swimming pool with none of the upkeep! So here you see the before and the after. Hooray for David!


  1. I cannot wait to bring all 97 of my fosters to
    come visit; they all have water wings:)
    It looks beautiful, you both deserve it!

  2. Wait til Allen gets that fence built! I thought that you had HUNDREDS! I'll take a picture of Ricky with water wings!